Zlatni Rat in Bol – Croatia’s Most Breathtaking Beach

Aerial photograph of famous Zlatni Rat beach in Bol, Brac Island

The allure of Croatian beaches were when a secret which were only held with a select couple of. The quiet, calm of Croatia has become a very coveted holiday place that’s growing in recognition with every year. Probably the most unique beaches is Zlatni Rat, a narrow spit around the island of Brac. Referred to as Golden Horn, Zlatni Rat is really a obvious, pebble beach that’s frequented by vacationers because of its original landscape and ever-altering shoreline.

The winds from the Adriatic Ocean make Zlatni Rat a well known place for sunbathers and windsurfers. You can easily stay awesome using the warm breezes and ocean spray enveloping individuals who lounge around the beach in the three angles from the Golden Horn. Likewise, windsurfers can make the most of the gentle, westward winds. Even individuals who don’t enjoy windsurfing will find watching the brightly hued sails because the bob through the water.

The shore is provided with sunbeds, umbrellas, and paddle motorboats which may be rented. Likewise, vacationers can engage in the colour tone provided by a thick grove of pinewoods in the center of the shore. Naturists can take advantage of Zlatni Rat because the western coves, Paklina, are clothing optional.

Zlatni Rat is most widely used in mid-summer time. Individuals who is able to visit in June or September might have the very best likelihood of having a warm, dry holiday without discussing the shore with a lot of other visitors. The shore is obtainable year-round, but facilities, including lifeguards, are just offered by May through October. Like the majority of beaches in Croatia, Zlatni Rat is composed of pebbles instead of sand. Most visitors will need beach footwear if they’re not familiar with walking this kind of land.

Beach-goers will find refreshments on the shore or they are able to walk to some nearby coffee shop or resort. Zlatni Rat is situated nearest to Bol. The earliest town around the island, it features a great choice of affordable restaurants and coffee shop-bars. As Zlatni Rat is perhaps the town’s most significant tourist attraction, there are a variety of companies that focus on individuals visiting the shore. A few of these include diving companies and windsurfing training for first-timers who wish to experience this favorite activity.

A vacation to Zlatni Rat is characterised by days around the beach, but there’s a lot more for this paradise compared to odor of saltwater along with a hot, beating sun. Rent a scooter or bike in Bol look around the town. Stay in a nearby coffee shop to test Bolski Plavac, a wine that’s infused with herbs and it is unique to Bol. Visit the Hermitage of Blaca, an old and attractive monastery. The Dominican Monastery in Bol also provides a rest in the mid-day sun using its museum, gallery, and garden.


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