Uncover the Hvalsey Church in Greenland


People to Greenland, a sizable island based in the North Atlantic, encounter a combination of Inuit and Norse history in addition to a look at nature rarely seen. It’s dotted with small villages and couple of roads. Hvalsey (also referred to as Whale Island), is located near Qaqortoq, the biggest town in southern Greenland. It is incorporated in the fjord of Hvalsey. El born area offers the best preserved and largest site of Norse ruins, particularly the Hvalsey Church, among the first Christian places of worship around the continent of The United States.

Before Columbus had even considered locating a new, shorter path to India, Norse settlers had established communities in Greenland. Hvalsey, a farmstead within the Eastern Settlement, was the biggest of three Viking settlements there. Norse maqui berry farmers from Iceland settled it within 985. Vikings in Greenland built the Hvalsey Church during the center of the twelfth century for everyone the Christians residing in Hvalsey Fjord and also the nearby area.

If this what food was in its peak, the Hvalsey Parish area incorporated the church in addition to 14 other structures. Archaeologists think that these could have incorporated storehouses, residential homes or even the priest’s home. Other ruins might be individuals of the banquet hall along with a residential complex.

Most indications of another structures have disappeared, however the Hvalsey Church continues to have all walls, between 4.5 and 6 meters (15 and 20 ft) high, along with the openings for 2 home windows and three entrances. The wooden interior and also the roof aren’t there, however the church itself looks just like it did once the settlers abandoned it within the 15th century.

The farmstead, which Hvalsey Church would be a part, was occupied in the eleventh century with the 15th century. On September 16, 1408, a marriage occured in the church, and also the documentation of the celebration may be the last record from the Vikings living there. A short while later, they disappeared from Greenland for unknown reasons. Some archaeologists believe that climate changes managed to get hard to farm and ranch, while some think that identity and economic problems caused the Vikings revisit their ancestral homes.

Being unsure of if the old Norse civilization continued to be in Greenland or otherwise an expedition brought through the Norwegian missionary Hendes Egede was delivered to Greenland in 1721. The expedition found no surviving Vikings.

Today, Hvalsey can be found near the city of Qaqortoq, about 3,000 occupants still the 4th-largest town in Greenland. Going to the ruins of Hvalsey Church is much like going for a pilgrimage back in its history. Plus a look at the idyllic area by which these early explorers resided, these ruins are that’s left from the story of medieval Catholicism in Greenland.

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