The Colorful Chicken Buses of Guatemala


A chicken bus is really a clearly colored American chartered bus, with colors from the rainbow so vibrant the psychedelic buses from the hippie era pale in contrast. These buses bear little resemblance for their original yellow color or occupation, those of transporting young children in The United States.

No visit to Guatemala could be complete without experiencing driving one of these simple colorful chicken buses. They merge well using the colorful traditional clothing worn by Guatemalans. And also the interior from the buses isn’t any less colorful compared to exteriors. Posters of wrestlers or Che Guevara may decorate the interior, that also will probably be trimming with twinkly Christmas lights and pompoms. Loud music increases the atmosphere, though sometimes Language movies are proven.

There are a handful of explanations why they’re known as chicken buses. You can be because passengers are crammed in to the buses like chickens crammed right into a truck on the way to market. One more reason might be because passengers frequently carry chickens – along with other animals – in addition to their suitcases together around the journey.

These buses are thought safe to ride in, though sometimes the mechanics may be asked. These were, in the end, designed to transport students within the U . s . States, in which the students’ safety factors are a higher priority. The motorists can be a horse of some other color. Motorists of chicken buses may race one another lower a winding mountain road. If you are timid, you might like to consider another type of transport to obtain for this Central American country.

Because the buses were created for brief-haul transportation, the seats may become uncomfortable after some time. Grin and bear it: It’s the cost you have to pay to put around you local color and recollections which will serve you for a lifetime. Since bus companies shorten the space between seats, leg room will probably be limited, something to think about if you are lengthy legged.

Chicken buses aren’t for individuals traveling on the strict timetable. Schedules sometimes are non-existent buses may leave when they’re full of passenger or whenever the motive force seems like it. Asking locals yet others bout departure and arrival occasions might help. Expect unscheduled stops on the way to get or fall off passengers.

Chicken buses really are a cheap method of getting around Guatemala, but focus on the other passengers are having to pay lest you be billed a “gringo” tax. To avert this, hands public transit attendant the very same amount the locals are having to pay.

Chicken buses travel the width and period of Guatemala, along with other countries in Guatemala, including El Salvador, Panama and Honduras.


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