Places to stay in Prague: Best Areas & Hotels


Prague is among the lovliest metropolitan areas in Europe. With all of its charm, it doesn’t take very lengthy for people to adore its cobblestone roads lined with structures that vary from medieval to Art Deco and, sometimes, stunning contemporary architecture.

With 2 million people, this 1,100 year-old city may be the capital from the Czech Republic and also the historic capital of Bohemia. The Vitava River runs through it, contributing to its scenic beauty.

Prague is walked ever s befits a town of their mature status. You are able to walk your ft off searching at historic monuments and structures from various architectural periods. You are able to shop before you drop. You are able to dine in junk food eateries or upscale fine dining restaurants, in addition to all things in-between. Prague is a great spot to relax in an outside café having a coffee or perhaps a beer watching existence goinf too soon.

Many people arrive by plane at Vaclav Havel Airport terminal, about 15 km (10 miles) outdoors the town. The airport terminal is offered by numerous worldwide airlines, most of them offering direct flights. Prague also offers four big train stations. The primary station, Praha hlavní nádra?í, is simply a couple of minutes’ walk from Wenceslas Square and Old Town.

Prague includes a good public transit system offered by subway, tram and bus. The metro and tram are the most useful methods for getting around in central Prague. Bus service mainly would go to the suburban areas and outlying areas and don’t go into the historic districts to avoid air and environmental noise.

That Old Town has probably the most attractions and is easily the most popular destination in Prague. However, it’s generally even the most crowded and costly area while there are many other interesting neighborhoods which have excellent hotels. Within this guide we introduce typically the most popular areas in Prague and provide a couple of recommendations of places to stay in Prague.

Why Remain in the Stare Mesto & Josefov area?

When steeping yourself ever is essential for you, you’ll wish to stay where it had been made: Stare Mesto (Old Town) and Josefov. Essential-see in Old Town may be the old square and old city hall’s Astronomical Clock that goes back to 1410. This clock may be the pride, not just of Prague, but from the Czech Republic. Out on another forget Bethlehem Square where fancy Baroque houses happen to be switched into boutiques, antique stores and restaurants.

Joselov may be the old Jewish quarter or ghetto. It’s existed because the tenth century, with pogroms beginning toward the finish from the eleventh century. It’s named after Frederick II, the Holy Roman emperor who emancipated Jews in 1781. Joselov is situated in the northwest corner of Old Town, which surrounds it. It hosts six synagogues in addition to museums that trace a brief history of Prague’s Jewish citizens over 11 centuries.

Stare Mesto might be filled with quaint alleys and medieval structures, but it is also the place to find designer shops, art museums and galleries, and cellar bars where one can party the night time away. Old Town provides the best nightlife famous Prague’s neighborhoods.

Accommodations in Old Town are simply minutes from historic attractions, shopping and nightlife. You can buy accommodations, varying from hostels to luxurious five-stars which are housed in structures in the Renaissance towards the Baroque eras. Hotels are housed in newer structures in Joselov since the Jewish quarter was heavily broken in The Second World War.

Old Town is perfect for walking, but when you’re ft get too tired, mind towards the Old Square and flag lower a rickshaw.


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