Adventurous travel isn’t nearly jumping from planes and climbing mountain tops. Sometimes, adventure is all about going somewhere unusual, and a trip to Ukraine certainly qualifies as unusual.

We’ve family roots in Ukraine, therefore the country has always held a unique allure. I learned how you can decorate Ukrainian Easter time eggs in grade school, along with a dozen Ukrainian meals like homemade perogies and cabbage rolls will always be around the menu whenever we visit family.

Ukrainian Easter time Eggs by neiljs on Flickr

Photo by neiljs

Unknown to many, Ukraine is among the biggest nations in Europe, second simply to Russia in dimensions. It’s a rustic having a lengthy and sophisticated, and frequently turbulent history.

Note: Begin to see the finish want to know , for any special word on travel safety for Ukraine.

Ukraine versus “the Ukraine”

Before you begin asking where’s the “the” before Ukraine, because the Promise of Independence of Ukraine in 1991, most newspapers and British speaking foreign government authorities make reference to the nation as Ukraine. Using “the Ukraine” comes from the moment before independence in 1991, when Ukraine would be a republic from the Ussr.

Since that’s removed, listed here are 10 in our must-visit places in Ukraine.


Kiev (also referred to as Kyev), the main city and biggest town of Ukraine, is really a unique mixture of Soviet and European culture and architecture. This eco-friendly city is filled with gorgeous trees and parks and recollections of The Second World War are very well maintained within the war memorial museum situated in the feet of Rodina-Pad or perhaps in the 102 m high Mother of Motherland statue.

Additionally to beautiful places of worship and cathedrals like St. Andrews Church, St. Sophia’s Cathedral and Kiev Pechersk Lavra (Monastery from the Caves), Kiev hosts the greatest stop on the planet – Arsenalna. The town also boasts the Kiev Opera House and when you’re around, take a stroll around the roads of lovely Maidan (city center).

10 must visit places in Ukraine Sofiiska Square Bell Tower in Kiev Ukraine

Sofiiska Square Bell Tower in Kiev. Photo by Michele Ursino


Lviv, close to the Polish border, is much more European than Soviet in the architecture and culture. The initial confluence of artistic traditions of Ukraine and architecture of central Europe makes Lviv a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The historic city center (old town), is the best spot to visit pubs and breweries one of the cobblestone streets and Renaissance era structures. Lviv Chocolate Factory is essential-visit for chocolate enthusiasts, and blogger Karolina Patryk recommends Kumpel restaurant for homemade beer and authentic Ukrainian food.

The St. George’s cathedral houses the replica of Shroud of Turin which makes it the most popular tourist attraction. The Lychakiv graveyard houses greater than 400,000 graves, each one of these popular and different in their own individual way.

Lviv 10 must visit places in Ukraine

Photo by Juanedc


The website from the world’s worst nuclear disaster, Chernobyl is becoming an unlikely tourist place. When you can’t go to the Chernobyl site itself, you will find tours towards the nearby ghost town on Pripyat. Prior to the nuclear disaster, Pripyat had almost 50,000 citizens.

Pripyat was evacuated in 2 days as a direct consequence from the disaster and, continues to be it had been around the fateful day in 1986. Pripyat is essential-include visit inside your Ukraine travel planner.

Full day tours run from Kiev, roughly 100 km away.

Pripyat, a ghost town near Chernobyl – 1 of 10 must visit places in Ukraine

Photo by thedakotakid


A port city around the Black Ocean, Odessa is a well-liked summer time beach town that draws in people throughout Europe.

Nowhere ocean, opera, ballet, theatre, the gorgeous Dniester Delta National Park, the famous Mother-in-Law Bridge and also the world’s biggest network of subterranean catacombs make a trip to Odessa essential.

Odessa Body of Ukraine’s must visit places

Photo by Anton

Carpathian Mountain tops and Yaremche

Frequently referred to as eco-friendly gem of Ukraine, the Carpathian Mountain tops are a mix of beautiful mdw, peaks, dense forests, rough rivers and mountain ponds.

The Carpathian Mountain tops are a perfect spot to enjoy cycling, riding, trekking, rafting or just the new and pure air from the mountain tops. Louise and John from Roaming All over the world used Yaremche like a gateway to outside hobbies like hiking within the Carpathian Mountain tops.

Yaremche – gateway towards the Carpathean Mountain tops Body of 10 places to determine in Ukraine

Photo by Nick Savchenko


While it’s its wealthy history that got Chernivtsi around the UNESCO World Heritage List, most visitors love the vibe from the city. Kami from the Wanderlust calls Chernivtsi certainly one of her favorite finds of 2015 because of its pastel structures, numerous cafes, and leafy trees which make the town welcoming.

Actress Mila Kunis was created and resided in Chernivtsi for a lot of her childhood.

Chernivtsi National College Body of 10 Must Visit Locations in Ukraine

Photo by Vladimir Kud


The traditional fortress may be the major attraction within the capital of scotland- Kamianets-Podilskyi. It’s the historic Capital of Podolia.

The fortress was initially created to keep an eye on the forest Smotrych. There’s even evidence to point out that the settlement has been around about this rock outcropping for near to 2,000 years.

Kamianets Podilskyi fortress Body of Ukraine’s must visit places

Photo by Serge Bystro

Khotyn Fortress

Should you take time to go to the castle in Kamianets-Podilskyi, visit to go to the encompassing Khotyn Fortress. It’s situated around the bank from the Dniester River in Khotyn. The fortress was built-in 1325.

Khotyn Fortress Body of Ukraine’s must visit places

Photo by Serge Bystro


The primary attract the central Ukrainian town of Uman may be the famous Sofiyivka park. The park is both a botanical garden along with a research institute.

Snake Fountain in Sofiyivsky Park in Uman Ukraine. Among the ten best items to see in Ukraine

Photo by Elena Penkova.

Proper Missile Forces Museum

The Proper Missile Forces Museum provides a unique consider Cold War Soviet era Ukraine. It located nuclear weapons, subterranean passages and silos, and it is situated about 300 km from Kiev.

Proper Missile Forces Museum Ukraine

Photo by Stefan Krasowski

Ukraine has probably the most beautiful and scenic landscapes plus some of the very most unique architecture in Europe, which makes it a rustic every itinerary planner must have on their own list.

Could it be safe to go to Ukraine?

There’s a continuing territorial dispute with Russia within the Crimean peninsula. Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula in 2014. There’s also ongoing fighting between rebels and Ukrainian forces within the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

During the time of writing, there’s an american Department of Condition warning for U.S. people to defer all visit Crimea and also the eastern parts of Donetsk and Luhansk. The Canadian government includes a regional advisory against visit Crimea, and Donetsk and also the Luhansk Oblasts. The United kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) recommends against all visit Donetsk oblast, Lugansk oblast and Crimea.


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