5 Things We Like About Sumatra


Most vacationers understand the grain balconies, sprawling beaches and mild vibe of Indonesia, however before we’d our youngsters, we went a bit more from the beaten track and spent almost per month around the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

After working time there, it’s difficult to think that Indonesia may be the 4th most populated country on the planet. I guess by using over 14,000 islands it’s still simple to find a basic spot to yourself.

Sumatra, the biggest of Indonesia’s islands, hosts significantly endangered creatures such as the orangutan, the Sumatran tiger, and also the Sumatran rhinoceros. It is also the place to find scrumptious Sumatran coffee.

In that month, we created a keen appreciation for Bintang Beer and fried eggs, that have been offered on the top of just about every dish we purchased. As the crazy traffic in Medan certainly wasn’t our faves, we spent most in our time in quieter regions of Sumatra and this is where we found numerous things we like about Sumatra.

Jungle trekking through Bukittinggi

Bukittinggi Indonesia

Bukittinggi Indonesia

Despite as being a city with more than 110,000 people, we found Bukittinggi felt just like a much quieter place. That’s, aside from mosques raging the phone call to prayer through audio system at 5:00 am.

Encircled by mountain tops and valleys, the town includes a relaxed vibe and a few gorgeous sights.

We met track of a nearby guide on his break within the grain fields, and spent the mid-day with an impromptu jungle trek. He demonstrated us where cinnamon and occasional increased wild within the jungle, viewed flying foxes across the riverbanks, as well as brought us to some remote village having a local silversmith where we purchased a silver band that grew to become my diamond engagement ring.

Swimming in Lake Toba

Lake Toba is the effect of a massive supervolcanic explosion around 70,000 years back. Today, the waters continue to be warmed by subterranean volcanic activity, maintaining your 500 meter (approximately. 1,600 feet) deep lake in a comfortable swimming temperature.

Samosir is definitely an island in the center of Lake Toba, which makes it a tropical inside the island of Sumatra. We spent per week . 5 here, taking pleasure in dips within the obvious water, and cruising round the little island by motorbike.

Samosir Island on Lake Toba in Sumatra

Samosir Island on Lake Toba in Sumatra

Getting out of bed close with wildlife

Regardless of the urban chaos of Jakarta, the majority of Indonesia is wild and residential to some diversity of plants and creatures. This lovable little guy is really a Rhinoceros beetle.

Of our lives in Sumatra, we had numerous frogs, beetles, stick bugs as well as an Atlas Moth (which may be as much as one foot wide) which found check us out one evening. It doesn’t surprise me one whit that researchers constantly appear to uncover new species within the Indonesia jungle, such as this lengthy nosed frog and hog nosed rat.

Rhinoceros beetle in Bukittinggi Indonesia

This photo was drawn in the rafters in our little hut. We’d several Thomas bouncing apes check us out every sunset. At approximately 3 am, our neighbor’s screams alerted us that there is a forest rat climbing through their rafters for any visit too.

Bukit Lawang Indonesia

Thomas bouncing monkey in Bukit Lawang Indonesia

Here’s something most likely didn’t learn about us: i was once pursued via a jungle in Indonesia with a water zoysia.

A water zoysia is very large enough to become pretty intimidating, then when the neighborhood guide i was following began to operate inside a quiet panic, we didn’t inquire. We simply ran as quickly as we’re able to, and fortunately the inflammed water zoysia didn’t follow us far.

Frightening Water Zoysia in Indonesia

I swear they looked a great deal bigger once they were chasing after us. Also, I’m in the dark about when the dog in front from the photo is taking care of nature’s call or running away as quickly as it may.

Watching orangutans in Bukit Lawang

Orangutans are presently endangered, and just found wild while it is raining forests of Borneo and Sumatra. They’re significantly endangered in Sumatra, where you can find no more than 7,300 remaining.

I was lucky enough to see orangutans in Bukit Lawang in the Bohorok Orangutan Center, among the only places on the planet where one can see orangutans within the wild. The Orangutan sanctuary is situated inside Gunung Leuser National Park over the river from Bukit Lawang.

Indonesia Mother and Baby orangutan in Sumatra

We spent a couple of hours relaxing in the jungle, as orangutans thrown around us within the trees as the rangers given a few of the rehabilitated orangutans on the feeding platform a couple of ft away. The intelligence during these animal’s eyes is nearly palpable and watching them descend the 100 feet lengthy vines to get at the jungle floor would be a treat I’ll remember always.


Our first peek at Sumatra was the little port town of Dumai. It had been chaotic, crowded and residential towards the craziest couple of tourist louts we’ve ever experienced anywhere. Following the very coldest ferry ride ever arriving from Malaca, Malaysia, we high tailed it from the city coupled with probably the most insane rally road driving experience you could ever experience of a crowded minivan.

As a result, we found existence anyway near mountainous Bukittinggi and also the jungles around Bukit Lawang to become a much more relaxing.

With tons to do and see Sumatra seemed to be inexpensive to visit in and also the population were also a few of the friendliest, most relaxed people we’ve ever met.

Bukit Lawang Indonesia

Using Bukit Lawang with this own private waterfall

What’s on the bucket list?

There’s much more to determine in Indonesia.

To date we’ve only visited Sumatra, but there’s first class Diving in Raja Ampat or even the Togian islands. We’re also itchiness to determine Komodo dragons, but we might hold back until the children are rather less snack-size to consider that trip.

Note: If you are seriously interested in seeing the Komodos, take a look at Adventurous Kate, who authored about safety after her experience of a shipwreck when going to.

We’re also keen to finally visit Indonesia. We’ve numerous buddies that rave concerning the island (along with a couple of living there) so it’s only dependent on time before we visit it too.

Situ Gunung Sukabumi West Java Indonesia Photo by CIFOR

Situ Gunung Sukabumi West Java Indonesia Photo by CIFOR

I’ve been looking at some less well-known locations like Bandung on Jakarta. It’s an active city filled with shopping and culture, while nearby regions of Cibodas and Situ Gunung, Sukabumi are the greenest in Indonesia. It doesn’t hurt there are some beautiful accommodations like Rental property Istana Bunga – it’s tempting enough to create us wish to book with Traveloka.

Where do you want to visit in Indonesia?


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