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I will share just a little known secret about me. Ready?

You will find couple of areas on the planet that delight me around islands.

I am not confident that it’s the isolation, the miles of beaches, the friendly culture or the truth that I’m able to go swimming within an sea whichever way I turn, but islands draw me for them just like a moth to some flame. Couple by using unique creatures, bizarre landscapes and plant life not found elsewhere on the planet and then any island will most likely jump on my to determine list.

After I think back whatsoever the places we’ve visited through the years, and which places I’ve found myself daydreaming about on the cloudy day, nine out of ten occasions it’s a tropical setting. I do not even care where on the planet it’s, as lengthy because there are beaches near by and also the temperatures are nice.

Queue Lanzarote Island within the Canary Islands. Lanzarote lately caught attention like a place I wish to take a look at. We’ve been asked lower towards the Canary Islands a couple of occasions previously couple of years, coupled with we’d more time during our The other agents go to a couple of in the past we’d have entered there to determine what all of the fuss involved.

Collage of mountain tops to ocean of Lanzarote


Short good reputation for Lanzarote

Spanish possessed, at 1000 kilometers (621 miles) south of Spain’s southernmost tip, it’s really Spain’s farthest territory. First colonized within the fourteenth century by The country, the Canary Islands lie about 125 kilometers (78 miles) from the Chesapeake bay of Northern Africa with Lanzarote to be the farthest north from the volcanic archipelago.

Don’t allow that to all fool you. Lanzarote and also the Canary Islands are Spanish through and thru. Except perhaps a little sandier as well as in the situation of Lanzarote, a bit more volcanic compared to relaxation of the nation.

With a lot of the islands populated by Spanish descendants with Spanish because the primary language, it’s as near to some finding yourself in someplace sunny and warm without really finding yourself in someplace sunny and warm you’re getting around the eastern side from the Atlantic.

Why Lanzarote is special

So, what’s stand out about Lanzarote? Well, let alone there are a large number of amazing beaches found round the 60 by 25 km island, but there’s also unique activities available there. Ever have a camel ride on the volcano? What about eating inside a volcanic cave or diving in to the sea off a still warm lava field?

Got your attention? That you can do everything in Lanzarote but still visit eat some authentic Spanish tapas (or enyesques as they’re known in your area) with several buddies that night.

Since you may have suspected, the area experienced my attention because of its volcanic landscape. When our ten year old boy experienced a volcano phase this winter season the area arrived on the radar. The thing is, massive volcanic activity within the 1700’s left volcanic soil all around the island. Enough to ensure that UNESCO granted the area the status of UNESCO World Biosphere. How will you not need to look at a location that some rival the top of moon because of its rocky surface?

Beach things you can do on Lanzarote

If you are interested in just relaxing on golden sand beaches by obvious tepid to warm water and getting a pleasant resort style vacation, Lanzarote has this too. With miles of untouched beaches featuring golden, black as well as red sand encircled by obvious blue water, in addition, there’s some good surfing, kiteboarding and wind surfing available around the island. You may also go kayaking, paddle boarding and you will find some good dive sites round the island too.

Playa de Papagayo on Lanzarote. Photo by Luc

Playa de Papagayo on Lanzarote Island. Photo by Luc Viatour

Probably the most popular beach cities and resorts have been in Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise, Playa Blanca and Puerto Calero. Many of these places offer first class resorts that rival anything you’ll find around the landmass and all sorts of have gorgeous beaches and a lot of restaurants, bars and native things you can do around them.

Using the island only 60 km all the way through, most tours and activities may also be done beginning from the location, therefore it doesn’t really matter where you’re remaining if you are thinking about looking at all of the island’s sights.

Food on Lanzarote

There are many landmarks and wineries across Lanzarote despite the fact that the meals is commonly Spanish in flavor and style, it certainly features its own island charm.

Fish and taters are staples around the island and like several of The country, cheese, fruit and versions of pork are typical everywhere. However, there are several unique meals you’ll only find around the island like black taters, Cactus, gofio (a flour composed of toasted grains like wheat or maize), eco-friendly or red mojo (a Portuguese style sauce for fish or meat) in addition to a lot of local fruit for example bananas, mangoes, avocados, yams, and persimmons.

Popular dishes around the island include Papas Arrugadas (wrinkled taters) with mojo sauce, Potajes (chunky vegetable sauces with taters), Caldo de pescado (fish soup), Sancocho canario (dried and cooked wreckfish, taters, sweet taters, mojo and gofio) and you’ll frequently find bienmesabe for dessert. Bienmesabe literally means tastes best to me) in Spanish and includes a paste made from walnuts, honey and sugar frequently offered with frozen treats.

Grilled salmon with Papas Arrugadas , mojo rojo and veggies

Grilled salmon with Papas Arrugadas, mojo rojo and veggies. Photo by sugplopp

Items to see on Lanzarote

If you wish to see everything the area can provide you are able to take one of the numerous day tours available round the island, nonetheless they state that among the best methods to see Lanzarote would be to rent a vehicle during the day and find out where it will take you. You will find vehicle rental locations in most the larger focuses on the area.


The primary capital of Arrecife is around the east side from the island and makes an excellent place to start exploring Lanzarote. There’s a high probability you will be coming here anyway because it includes the primary airport terminal around the island. You should check out the harbor, the marina, the little forts, the shore at Playa del Reducto in addition to benefit from the many bars and restaurants that decision Arrecife home.

White-colored motorboats floating within the harbour in Arrecife Lanzanote

Harbor in Arrecife

La Geria

In order to Timanfanya National Park, you’ll go through your wine region of los angeles Geria. Unique towards the island, the wines of los angeles Geria are usually produced from the Malvasia grape noted for its honey-colored sweet wealthy flavor that creates a multitude of red, white-colored and rose wines from very dry to very sweet. The wines could be sampled right over the island in many restaurants.

Why is the La Geria region much more special may be the work the locals have put in cultivating their wines. Situated around the very fringe of the volcano fields, they plant each vine in semicircular starts full of soil then top coat each with a rough volcanic ash known as picón. The ash helps the floor contain the moisture in and safeguards the vine in the constant winds in the region.

Visiting a couple of of those vine starts close up is really a awesome experience but if you combine over 10,000 of these in a single area you are looking at manufactured art on the grand scale.

La Geria half circle Wineries on Lanzarote

La Geria Wineries on Lanzarote

Timanfanya National Park and also the Fire Mountain tops

From La Geria you are able to mind Northwest and go to the surreal great thing about Timanfaya National Park.

This is actually the top tourist attraction on Lanzarote even though there you may enjoy going for a coach tour within the lava fields of Montanas del Fuego or Fire Mountain too two led hikes. You may also use a camel ride that will give you in the volcano and actually have a meal that’s been cooked on the live volcano.

Camels around the Fire Mountain tops

Camels around the Fire Mountain tops

El Golfo

Just south of Timanfanya lies El Golfo. El Golfo is known for its eco-friendly lagoon named Charco de los Clicos. Created as a result of rare hydro volcano, Charco de los Clicos, Charco Verde or Lago Verde as it is also sometimes known as, is really a small half moon formed lake that’s separated in the sea by a lot of black sand. Why is this half lake stand out may be the hf cone it sits in along with the crazy color mixture of lime eco-friendly water, red colored rocks, ochre colored hillsides, black sand beach and blue sea.

Panorama Look at Charco de los Clickos with it’s eco-friendly water, red rock and black sand

El Golfo’s Charco de los Clickos. Photo by Stefan Krause

Los Hervideros

Just past La Geria around the gulf from the island stands Los Hervideros. Spanish for “boiling water”, Los Hervideros was created throughout the islands crazy volcanic activities within the 1700s.

This extreme assortment of rocks, caves and lava tubes created because of lava meeting awesome sea waves and also the unusual rock formations, archways and water funnels result in the seaside coves of Los Hervideros a sight that can’t be skipped.

By Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez (Lmbuga) (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3. (], via Wikimedia Commons

Lava Tube at Los Hervideros. Photo by Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez

Mirador del Río

Situated in the northernmost tip of Lanzarote, the Mirador del Río is really a bunker style coffee shop embedded up high around the high cliff side overlooking the area of los angeles Graciosa. The breathtaking sights are breathtaking so make certain you’ve the digital camera along with you.

Look at the outdoors rocks and ledge at Mirador del Rio

Mirador del Rio. Photo by Dario Garavini

Janubio Salt Pans

Salt performed a key point for Lanzarote in early 1900’s and it is possible to them farming it in the Janubio Salt Pans. Situated around the southwest coast from the island, the Janubio Salt Pans are near to the village of Yaiza and Janubio may be the biggest still operational salt mine within the Canary Islands.

Different colors of Las Salinas del Janubio

Las Salinas del Janubio. Photo by Jordi Payà Canals

When to visit Lanzarote

Because of its southern location, you can go to Lanzarote any season however April and could would be the wettest several weeks. Having said that, Lanzarote will get an incredible quantity of sunshine all year round so anytime can be a great time to go to.


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