Chocolate bars and childhood scars


Chocolate bars and childhood scars

October 1, 2009Charles BetheaComments

Q: I live in Midtown. Where should I take my kids trick-or-treating for a really good time?

A great intown experience (with no masked hordes) can be purchased in Ansley Park. Like a precocious youthful chocolate hoarder who required fetishistic pleasure in accumulating, organizing, and securing away his chocolate stash, I discovered the Midtown neighborhood aerobically and navigationally challenging-wide, labyrinthine roads with lengthy, regal drive-ways-but rewarding. I have my personalized Ansley chocolate maps, which use a loot-based scale (homes with reliable confections are attracted much bigger). Pleased to send your children a duplicate.

Q: I’m afraid of haunted houses. My girlfriend insists that I go this year. Am I doomed?

Potentially. There was once a haunted house at Rhodes Hall, the creepy old Romanesque Revival-style castle on Peachtree Street built by furniture magnate Amos Giles Rhodes in 1904. I had been 10 years old when my dad required me there. He still informs the storyline of methods I leaped into his arms screaming whenever a statue I’d scoffed just moments before moved. I additionally recall a monster having a very loud, realistic-searching chainsaw, then the design of the new air outdoors, where I ran, not to return.

The frights at Netherworld, a 2-story haunted house in Norcross rated number 1 in the united states in 2007 by Hauntworld Magazine, also have apparently sent grown men screaming back through its door. Barf bags can be found upon entry, and monsters first besiege you within the parking area. Co-owner Billy Messina, an old makeup-effects artist and prop-maker, is vague about how exactly Netherworld is insured. But he confesses those of the 100 stars within the haunted house, a little number are off-duty cops and firemen, some in costume, designed to safeguard your interests (remaining alive) and the (remaining running a business). “We also provide a comprehensive camera system both inside and outdoors that’s color or night vision,” he states. Messina won’t say the number of injuries happen to be sustained at Netherworld in the 13 many years of existence, which isn’t comforting. Certainly, one presumes, many egos happen to be injured.

Illustration by Edwin Fotheringham

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  1. I do believe that the Olympics provided the current stadium…please get your facts right. Also, that area is dreadfully dangerous and the city has not done as much as it needed (or agreed to) to try and revive that area (don&1quo;t give me the miniature golf thing). Besides, why would the team NOT want to be closer to its fa1? I know that I don&1quo;t make the drive down, from Cherokee County, but will HIGHLY co1ider season tickets at the new location!!

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