Maynard Jackson

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The kid of black Atlanta wealthy, Jackson was the very first grand son of John Wesley Dobbs, the unofficial “Mayor of Auburn Avenue” along with a visionary who labored to join up black voters. Jackson would be a favored boy who joined Morehouse College 3 years early and grew to become an attorney. Motivated to action by Bobby Kennedy’s murder, Jackson made an impulsive, last-second run against incumbent Senator Herman Talmadge in 1968. His remarkably strong showing set happens for his election because the first black mayor of the major Southern city in 1973. He offered three terms, pioneering affirmative action, building the brand new airport terminal, and helping win the Olympic games.

Cotton Cousins Jackson’s grandfather was created in Cobb County, where his family have been slaves from the Dobbs family. As he pointed out this to Governor Roy Barnes’s wife, Marie, she noted that Dobbs was her maiden name. They started evaluating histories, and Jackson all of a sudden recognized, “Marie, we’re cotton cousins!”

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