Commentary: Becoming an adult Jewish within the South


Commentary: Becoming an adult Jewish within the South

April 2, 2015Sophie GoodmanComments

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Tomorrow, nearly all Georgians will celebrate Good Friday-the holiest of Christian holidays and the beginning of Easter time weekend. In 2015, that night may also mark the beginning of Passover, among the holiest holidays in Judaism, only one that many people have a tendency to ignore. For me personally, this season always serves among the starkest reminders of why I’m different-a Jew within the South.

Becoming an adult, while other kids spoken concerning the Easter time Bunny along with a Sunday spent gorging on chocolate eggs, I ready for Passover Seder and dreaded eating matzo, a bland cracker with the flavor of card board-for 7 days. In my peers, Easter time meant fancy clothes and celebration for me personally it meant making haroset, an apple and nut mixture, to keep in mind the bricks the Jewish people built as slaves, eating bitter herbal treatments with brine to represent the tears the Jewish people shed, and hearing the storyline of wandering within the backwoods throughout the Exodus. Not to mention, Easter time pork is better not spoken of-we keep Kosher, meaning no seafood, pork, or mixing meat and dairy. Many people are amazed that I’ve didn’t have a cheeseburger. However, keeping Kosher isn’t a difficulty-it’s my method of existence.

Like a Jewish Southerner, I’m accustomed to being misinterpreted we’ve different customs in the society that surrounds us. And Jewish people represent only one percent from the South’s population. I am not embarrassed with my religion-just the opposite actually. I’m proud which i was elevated inside a Jewish household and i also were built with a Bat Mitzvah (a coming old celebration). However in the South, sometimes pride isn’t enough.

This primary hit home for me personally within my newcomer year of senior high school, that was filled with awkward situations as you would expect. Joanne [her name, like several others within this essay, continues to be altered], a supposed friend, explained which i would Hell. I was hanging out the lunch table, within the freshmen portion of the cafeteria, when she noisally announced this. After I switched to her puzzled and requested why, she simply stated it had been since i was Jewish, as though that made all of the sense on the planet. I felt tears welling up, and so i fled the cafeteria and cried within the bathroom. Which was my first experience being uncomfortable and unclear about my belief. At 14, I figured I had been on the top around the globe, but at that time I felt like I wasn’t even worthy to become grime. I did not understand how to respond to what Joanne stated in my experience, as well as worse was the truth that nobody while dining could not agree together with her. I couldn’t believe my luck in buddies.

After I went home and told my parents by what happened, they clarified in completely different ways. My father explained there wasn’t a Hell within the Jewish religion and advised me not to hear Joanne. My mother explained never fear about this and provided top tips on which to state the following day, something like, “Joanne, you actually hurt my feelings whenever you stated I would Hell because I’m Jewish.” With this advice within my arsenal, I had been prepared to face the following day. However when I made use of the road on Joanne, she cried-in public places, away from the bathroom like I’d done. Everybody checked out me as though I had been the satan incarnate since i designed a girl cry. Joanne never spoke in my experience again, nor did the majority of the women in the lunch table on that day.

Within the next couple of years, I recognized it wasn’t only others questioning the need for my belief-Used to, too. For school, I gone to live in Milledgeville, the perfect small Southern town, to go to Georgia College and Condition College. I only investigated schools which had my major, therefore it didn’t happen to me also to search for a college having a Jewish presence, both on campus and off. Based on Hillel Worldwide, 4 % of scholars around the GCSU campus are Jewish. This might appear just like a big number for this type of small school inside a region with your a little Jewish population, but Oglethorpe College, smaller sized still, includes a Jewish population of 30 %, and Emory College includes a population of 27 percent.

Nevertheless, I grew to become great buddies with several Christian believers who have been very vigilant within their efforts to educate me regarding their belief. I’m naturally curious and located it interesting-until most of them attempted to transform me.

One evening I had been studying a textbook during sex, when Sarah and Margaret knocked on my small dorm door. Sarah requested me basically took it towards the women’s Bible study. I stated no for 2 reasons. One, and more importantly, I’d homework (I had been very studious). Second is this situation will make me very uncomfortable. A stating that covers my feelings and makes me giggle just like a hormonal teenage boy is definitely an anonymous posting in the website “Religion is sort of a penis. It’s fine to possess one and it is fine to are proud of it, but you shouldn’t whip it in public places and begin waving it around. And you shouldn’t attempt to shove it lower my child’s throat.” However I didn’t giggle in those days. After I rejected, Margaret snidely stated, “You should certainly come. You’ll need all of the help you will get.Inches Implying that the explanation for it was my religion. I nicely stated no again. While the necessity to “save” me appeared logical to Margaret, it simply baffled me. I did not quite know how Margaret could stand there and become both ignorant and rude.

Although I felt as an outsider within my own number of buddies, I tied to them because making buddies attending college is tough, especially when you’re socially awkward to start with. I had been with my number of vigilant Christian buddies and remarkably, another Jewish girl, Julie. We visited dinner at Zaxby’s, which within our small town qualified as quite the new place. We’d just sitting lower with this foods and Julie and that i started digging into our food. When I was going for a second grip my Nibblerz, Margaret piped up, saying, “Let’s pray.” The audience bowed their heads I chewed my food. The prayer was something like, “Thank you Jesus, Lord, for that food you have provided. Jesus you’re the most amazing influence within my existence. Amen.” At this time I ongoing to consume. I felt inclined to inquire about basically could the HaMotzi, the prayer stated before eating I in some way ingested lower the language, with some chicken. Not really like a Jew, but because a considerate human, I’d never deliberately put anybody within an uncomfortable situation. Praying to Jesus, your messiah, with other people who believe this really is one factor. Doing this with other people who don’t believe this will make to have an awkward dinner. Jewish people think that Jesus was real however we don’t think that he was the Deliverer. I do not think Margaret did this purposely, but always thinking before you decide to make a move that will potentially make others uncomfortable is a great policy.

College is really a here we are at experimentation, and a few of mine incorporated questioning my religion. I’m an very logical person, therefore, I love to see and touch things to be able to understand them. It had been difficult the inability to see and touch G-d (I had been trained to not create the term G-d, rather writing it having a dash rather than an “o.” The reason behind this is you shouldn’t throw G-d’s name away). It had been as though He wasn’t really real in my experience.

I discovered my long ago to my values while focusing on my senior capstone project. My last semester, I made the decision to explore the religious diversity within my teensy college town. My capstone would be a semester lengthy project where I visited and reported on four different religious groups, the Church of Jesus of Latter Day Saints, the very first Presbyterian Church, the very first Baptist Church, and also the Jewish community (which in Milledgeville was made up of only 30 people). This project not just affected my thinking on Judaism and G-d, but additionally my take on the planet. Now, Personally i think nearer to G-d and my belief in Him has solidified. Through researching these different beliefs, I recognized that those who had belittled me or made hateful remarks were within the minority. Each religious group I visited displayed exactly the same fascination with Judaism which i had regarding their religion. Not just was I researching different religions, but additionally that no a couple are alike, and also to not judge someone according to encounters with a couple of reps from the group.

Things I have came to the conclusion is the fact that-wherever you reside-being Jewish is really a task by itself. With all the rules, holidays, and food, we’re advised in our variations every single day, not only in this season when religious holidays converge. I had been elevated not only to respect others’ cultures, but additionally to respect my very own. I’ll professionally decline your chocolate rabbits-and that i perform you consume any matzo.



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  1. Once again, no one is trying to remove it from our history. I would never want the confederate history removed or forgotten. It should be taught, so that we can learn that racism should not be minimized or romanticized or overlooked just because you like the individuals such as: Thomas Jeffe1on, George Washington.
    I just want us to tell the truth about our history and after we prove that these racist historic figures are just that, let us stop honoring them as our heroes. Don&1quo;t remove them from history. But don&1quo;t try to force us to honor them as great men either. Lets just tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

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