2013: Worst sports year in Georgia history?


2013: Worst sports year in Georgia history?

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Choose a number between 1837 and 2012, and you’ll most likely pick a disappointing year for local sports. But 2013 saw a hundred years . 5 of mediocrity compressed into 7 days which will reside in infamy because the Worst Week in Georgia Sports History.

It started Monday, October 7. Despite their two greatest-compensated gamers, Dan Uggla and B.J. Upton, striking underneath the Mendoza Line and mixing in excess of 320 strikeouts, the Braves won the NL East. But about this night, another choke left their finest closer, Craig Kimbrel, watching helpless in the bullpen because the season led to a late-inning collapse towards the Dodgers.

Meanwhile, in the Georgia Dome, in which the Falcons had finished 2012 just ten yards-ten yards!-in the Super Bowl, the Dirty Wild birds trounced all anticipations for 2013 having a stomach-punching last-minute loss towards the Jets on Monday Night Football, capping a new 1-4 start.

72 hours later, the world at Gwinnett Center located Game Three from the WNBA Finals, a nine-point win for that Minnesota Lynx, who taken our Dream for that second amount of time in 3 years.

The ultimate dagger arrived on Saturday, October 12. National wants the Bulldogs were basically ended when injuries-plagued Georgia was come to task by upstart Mizzou. (Not much later, a loss of revenue at Vandy formally ended them.)

Thankfully, that Sunday, October 13, the Falcons ouldn’t lose-they’d a bye.

UPDATE: At least the Braves came through late hanging around. In November, just like the calendar was drained around the worst sports year in Georgia history, they snuck within the announcement it had become abandoning the town altogether for that strip malls of the suburbs. New Years can’t arrive here in no time.

But there were some bright spots . . .

The Rookie Surprise
Burnt out on baseball in college, Evan Gattis took turns as a parking valet, pizza tosser, ski-lift operator, and janitor before returning to the game and becoming the unlikely replacement to injured Braves backstop (and soon-to-be Yankee) Brian McCann. The twenty-seven-year-old rookie went on to slam twenty-one homers and sixty-five RBIs in a utility role.

The Local Champs
Atlanta did finally win a title this year—in minor league soccer. In July, the Atlanta Silverbacks bested the rest of the North American Soccer League to take the spring championship.

The Star Student
Despite his team crumbling to injuries, Dawgs quarterback Aaron Murray: Our Athlete of the Year made the best of a decision to bypass the NFL draft for a final year at UGA by becoming the all-time SEC leader in passing (breaking records set by Georgia’s David Greene and some guy named Peyton) and total offense (hurdling Tim Tebow). He also took graduate-level classes and has conducted research through CURO, a program run by UGA’s honors college.

UPDATE: The sports gods just couldn’t let us have anything. Just as we were celebrating UGA QB Aaron Murray as one of the few bright spots of 2013, the senior suffers a season-snuffing ACL injury. Not the way we wanted to see the all-time SEC great leave Sanford.

This article originally appeared in our December 2013 issue. Updates reflect developments that occurred after press time.



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