With Southern Season, Harriet Leibowitz brings some shock and awe towards the social set


With Southern Season, Harriet Leibowitz brings some shock and awe towards the social set

September 6, 2013Richard L. EldredgeComments

Just like a juicy divorce rumor circulating on Tuxedo Road, Southern Season, the exhibition by Atlanta professional photographer Harriet Leibowitz opening tonight in the Alan Avery Art Company, is for certain to create gossip along with a couple of enticing texts. The idea-invoking, sexy, cheesy, and slightly scandalous show represents what could be bubbling underneath the shiny surfaces within the city’s social set. Basically, it’s Southern Seasons magazine on the hit of acidity.

With an advance tour from the show now, the Atlanta native told Atlanta magazine: “I’ve been thinking about what’s and just what seems to become. It is really an idea that’s been germinating beside me for a long time. I’ve always handled to prevent getting drawn into this existence. I easily might have. You realize, that whole charitable scene. However I always opposed. I’m interested in chronicling things. This can be a show concerning the fight between order and chaos. This really is what’s really happening, the underbelly, what’s happening after individuals society luncheons and individuals charitable organization balls. There’s somewhat twist in every photo. This can be a show about empowering women. It’s the ladies within this city who contain the power. Without one, we wouldn’t possess the charitable organization balls or fundraiser.”

As the faces within the show are conversant to anybody that has ever leafed with the society portion of the sunday paper or newspaper, Leibowitz cautions, “While these models are people you know, allow me to be obvious: These photographs are metaphors. It isn’t regarding their personal lives. They are just symbols. Everyone brings their very own encounters together into this gallery.”

The Growing Season, the title image within the show, was shot around the winding staircase within the lobby from the St. Regis hotel, where lots of an artist-decorated feet has trod in route right into a charitable organization ball. Initially, the photo seems to become your obligatory posed charitable organization ball photo, using the ladies in gowns and jewels and also the husbands dutifully dolled up in tuxedos. But look closer. Among the ladies is placed off left, together with her hands pressed to the chest of her boy toy date, because the relaxation from the steering committee glares its disapproval.

Within the image Pass the Salt, Please, socialite and Atlanta Ballet benefactor Merry Carlos, meanwhile, is daintily cutting right into a sliver of poultry in a table in her own formal dining area, a pistol at her elbow and sitting across from an ashen-hued husband bleeding in his plate. In tangible existence, obviously, Carlos’ ex-husband is Chris Michael Carlos, the Chief executive officer of National Disbursing Company, who required within the family business following the passing from the company’s chairman and Emory College museum namesake, Michael C. Carlos. With respect to his parents, the pair had donated 4 million dollars towards the ballet.

Most of the models within the show were employed by veteran Carter-Barnes Hair Artists make-up wizard Kiev Osborne (who’s now managing her very own Buckhead shop, The Constitute Limitless). You will find, the revolver is real. Finding one wasn’t exactly a problem. “Everybody within this city includes a gun!” Leibowitz states laughing. “The props were easy, trust me!Inches

A set of prominent Buckhead doctors given their house to Leibowitz for that shoot of Tough Day?, a photograph of the power-suited wife returning home to some husband doggystyle, sharpening the foyer floor having a bottle of Olde British.

“Everyone was astonishingly generous using their time, their ideas as well as their homes,” the professional photographer states.

For Showtime, former Atlanta model Adam Gates exhibited more skin for Leibowitz than he ever is wearing a shoot. Within the photo, his real-existence girlfriend, a bored-searching Klarissa Hill, ignores Gates’ considerable assets, displayed within the photo’s foreground, looking for the television remote. “Thank God Adam was feeling good about his ass on that day!Inches Leibowitz states, beaming. “He would be a great sport.”

Angela King, the previous wife of Atlanta chef and Buckhead Existence Restaurant Group heir Pano I. Karatassos, penetrated what the law states-book-embellished boardroom of the Atlanta law firm to shoot Boys Club. King is photographed ripping off a bit of red bondage tape together with her gleaming white-colored teeth. Beneath her, bare chested and entangled in tape, are her male co-employees. “We visited Insurrection on Cheshire Bridge to purchase red bondage tape and dildos,” Leibowitz whispers. “[Husband] Henry required an image of me before all of the dildos to transmit to the children. It had been yet another mid-day with Harriet. The children do not know things to tell their buddies regarding their parents!”

Atlanta PR guru Liz Lapidus, meanwhile, is forever grateful towards the professional photographer for asking her to portray a bored Buckhead Gloria, out for any ride at Chastain’s horse park, like a silhouetted shirtless Latino stable hands (pictured by Atlanta model Mateo Restrepo) waits within the shadows. It’s among the last photos of Lapidus’ beloved Irish Warmblood Sturdy, who died suddenly days following the shoot.

Like a veteran fundraising event, model, and Catwalk Productions president, Randi Lane has posed for 1000’s of photos. But Leibowitz’s picture of her with Gates, entitled, Only a Minute! is for certain to shock even her nearest buddies. Portraying a harried businesswoman hidden in her own laptop, clutching a mobile phone, Lane stretches an pointer finger in Gate’s direction, who’s shirtless, lounging within an ornate chair, his pants unbuttoned. It’s the item stretching from Lane’s crotch that’s the showstopper in Seasons. “I couldn’t watch for that certain,Inches Gates describes from his home in Boulder. “I kinda possess a factor for shock and awe. I simply put myself for the reason that situation and hopefully it discovered within the photo.” Adds Leibowitz: “Randi is the greatest lady on the planet. We worship one another. She stored saying, ‘I can’t believe I’m carrying this out!’ For that relaxation of my existence now, whatever Randi asks me to complete, I must get it done!Inches

While Leibowitz anticipates a under positive reaction from some within the city’s social scene, she smiles and shrugs off any critique. “At another reason for my existence, I do not think I possibly could have shot this show. I’m older now. I’ve the knowledge and also the confidence. If anybody will get upset, they’re far too seriously interested in all of this. Artists are meant to get people to think. We’re not designed to create to be able to decorate over someone’s sofa. Who would like to photograph the apparent? This dichotomy is available in today’s world. We’ve this picture we released towards the public that states, ‘everything is within control’ during reality, behind the curtain, things are in chaos. Either that, or you’re boring as shit. Choose!Inches

Southern Season by Harriet Leibowitz opens tonight from seven to ten p.m. and can tell you October 5 at Alan Avery Art Company, 315 East Paces Ferry Road in Buckhead.



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