Booth Museum exhibit honors Cowboy Artists of the usa


Booth Museum exhibit honors Cowboy Artists of the usa

October 1, 2015Jennifer Rainey MarquezComments

Cowboy art
Martin Grelle, “Running with the Elk-Dogs,” 2007, oil on canvas, 48” x 60”, Booth Museum Permanent Collection

Over its 50-year history, there has been only 77 people from the invitation-only Cowboy Artists of the usa, several accomplished Western artists, artists, along with other artists. Through October 26, you can observe works from all of individuals men (yes, they’re all men) in the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, which hosts Blazing the path: The Cowboy Artists of the usa, an exhibit honoring the organization’s half-century mark. “CAA deserves lots of credit to make the skill world give consideration to Western works,” states Seth Hopkins, the museum’s executive director.

This short article initially made an appearance within our October 2015 issue underneath the headline “Best Western.”



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